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Finally Free!



People look at me now and think I have it all together, not knowing I was once broken, abused, and abandoned

Have you ever felt like your life was one big drama? That's pretty much how my life was. Such is the life of an abused child. I grew up in war-torn Belfast, Ireland, a church kid, and the daughter of an abusive, alcoholic father who would beat his children, call us names, then go out and tell people about the love of Jesus.

From childhood through early adulthood, my life was a blur of abuse, addiction, extreme pain, and deep loss. I spent years running from Jesus-the only One who could save me, heal me, and restore my life.

Anyone who looks at me today would not believe the details of my past. This is my story of redemption and deliverance through the truth of the gospel and the love of Christ.

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