40 Old Testament Bible Stories

  • Author: Andy Robb
  • Publisher: CWR
  • Availability: 1 In Stock
  • ISBN: 9781782599425
  • Binding: Paperback



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Enjoy snapshots from the Old Testament, which help you grasp the overall storyline of the Bible and how it is one, giant story! Each story gives you the 'in a nutshell' gist of a Bible character or story, helping you learn more about the character of God along the way. Get ready for an epic adventure as Andy Robb takes you on a journey through the key events of the Old Testament.

Find out how prophecies, promises and great escapes all fit in with God's plan for the world, and how everything in history points towards God coming to earth Himself!

Written and illustrated by Andy Robb, in partnership with Walk Through the Bible.


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