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Into The Light Bible: CEV


The Into the Light edition of the Contemporary English Version (CEV) Bible is back by popular demand. This British text edition was especially developed for use in church, outreach and evangelism and is suitable for people of all ages and educational background. The translation is readable, understandable and accessible.


  • Fresh, readable Contemporary English Version (CEV) translation
  • Explanations of the Bible's different types of literature - story, prophecy, poetry, letters, law and wisdom
  • Commentary on the story-line of the Bible so it can be read in context
  • Reading guide, maps, charts and Bible dictionary
  • Direction on finding your way round the Bible.
  • Summaries of the Old and New Testaments to help set the scene
  • Articles at key points throughout the Bible, pointing to the relevance of the text for today
  • Guide for finding answers to concerns and questions on topics such as justice, freedom and forgiveness
  • Varied type-styles to highlight detailed and specialised passages



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