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Dive In! Kids' Study Bible: New Life Version


Want to know God better? - Then learn to study His Word!

The Dive In! Kids' Study Bible will plunge any child into a biblical adventure that lasts a lifetime. Presented in the easy-to-understand New LifeT Version text and highlighted with 36 colourful inserts that explain the why's and how's of Bible study, it's perfect for kids ages 8 to 12. The Dive In! Kids' Study Bible will supercharge your reading of God's Word and bring fresh and exciting insights into God's promises for your life. Make a big splash - go deep into scripture yourself!


  • Reasons to study the Bible
  • How to dive into God's Word to learn it for yourself
  • Hardcover
  • Fascinating background on scripture, as in:
  • Bible characters like Hannah and Noah
  • Important words like forgive and tempt
  • Key scriptures like Romans 12:1-2

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