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Interpreting the Pauline Epistles


Leading traditional perspective Pauline scholar Thomas Schreiner in this second edition of Interpreting the Pauline Epistles provides an updated guide to the concerns and methods of doing exegesis on the New Testament epistles traditionally assigned to the apostle Paul (Rom., 1&2 Cor., Gal., Eph., Phil., Col., 1&2 Thess., Philemon., 1&2 Tim., Titus).

The first edition aided students by alerting students to critical concerns and methodological issues in studying the Pauline corpus. The Second Edition is revised throughout to account for changes in the field and to incorporate the revised and further developed judgments of the author, Thomas Schreiner. The book helps readers understand the nature of first-century letters, the practice and necessity of textual criticism, research and make judgments on historical and introductory issues, probe theological context, provide responsible interpretation, and much more.

New Testament scholars, students, and pastors (especially those who interpret Paul within the tradition of the Reformation) will greatly benefit from this book as a basic guide to not only exegesis but interpretation, a discipline which carries many pitfalls.

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