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Know What You're For

  • Author: Jeff Henderson
  • Publisher: Zondervan
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  • ISBN: 9780310356318
  • Binding: Hardcover



Your organisation - business, church, or nonprofit - will experience unprecedented growth when you close the gap between these two game-changing questions: What are we known for? What do we want to be known for?

In Know What You're For, entrepreneur and thought leader Jeff Henderson makes it clear that if we want to change the world with our products or our mission, then we must shift the focus of our messaging and marketing. Rather than self-promoting, we must transform our organisations to be people-centric. This sounds like a no-brainer, but looking closer shows just how little this is true and how impactful the change would be if it were. Whether you are a business leader, a change advocate, or a movement maker, Know What You're For will help you - and your organisation - thrive.

It is what happens when you create an organisation focused on who it is For. This is the future. Thriving organisations will be more concerned with becoming raving fans of their customers than they are trying to convince customers to become raving fans of the organisation. This is not theory. Jeff Henderson has experienced it.

Working with companies like Chick-fil-A and the Atlanta Braves, then serving as a pastor for 15 years at one of the country's largest and most influential churches, North Point, Jeff knows what success looks like for healthy organisations and healthy lives. With fascinating stories from a host of entrepreneurs and Jeff's remarkable career, Know What You're For equips you with a simple strategy and the tools for extraordinary growth.

You'll discover how to:

- Work for your current and future customers with a new, effective method

- Be for your team and help your people reach full potential

- Create a ripple impact by being for your community

- Live and work your best by caring for yourself.

In a hypercritical, cynical world, one that is often known for what it's against, let's be a group of people known for who and what we are for. It is a powerful strategy for business. However, more importantly, it is a revolutionary way to live.


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