Let Me Hold You Longer - Karen Kingsbury

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Children (0-5)

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Karen Kingsbury reminds us to savour every moment with our kids in this unforgettable book. With heartwarming illustrations and a sweet, reflective tone, bestselling author Karen Kingsbury encourages parents to savour not only their childrens' firsts, like first steps and first words, but the lasts as well. With the tenderness of a mother speaking directly to her child, Karen reminds us not to miss the last days of kindergarten and last at-bats in Little League amid the whirlwind of life. Adapted from a poem in Rejoice, this book allows mothers and grandmothers everywhere to identify with the tenderhearted reflections on these pages. Let Me Hold You Longer is a heartwarming reminder of the precious process of growing up and the joys of watching it happen.



Age Range: 3 - 6 years

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