My God Loves Me Bible

  • Author: Harvest House
  • Publisher: Harvest House
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  • ISBN: 9788772031026
  • Binding: Hardcover


Did you know that God speaks His love for you through every single story of the Bible?

He knew you from before He created the world. He has good plans for you - yes, He even sings songs over you with rejoicing!

18 Bible stories from Creation through to the Ascension unpack these wonderful facts and give each child the opportunity to learn that they are precious beyond measure in God's sight.

Each Bible Story is backed by carefully chosen and well-known Bible verses, emphasising the truth in each story.

Together with heartwarming illustrations, these stories will give children a firm understanding of the message of the Bible, so they can confidently say "My God Loves Me" and know why too!

Hardback with blue handle

Age 2-6

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