Respectable Sins

  • Author: Jerry Bridges
  • Publisher: NAVPRESS
  • Availability: 2 In Stock
  • ISBN: 9781631468339
  • Binding: Paperback


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Now available in softcover with a new, contemporary watercolour design that blends with Jerry Bridge's most popular books. This new edition now includes the study guide (formerly available separately).

What ever happened to sin? Jerry Bridges helps us confront the sins we tolerate. The Christian journey is a life of practised godliness, but too often we overlook or minimise sins that, while corrosive and destructive to ourselves and those around us, are overshadowed by more flashy, headline-grabbing sins. This classic book from Jerry Bridges helps readers understand and commit to a life of holiness by examining patterns of behaviour we often accept as normal, rather than as violations of God's law.


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