Ruth : Drawing on a deeper love - Mark Greene

InterVarsity Press

Bible Study

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As intricate as a Faberge egg, as multi-layered as an onion, Ruth is the story of ordinary people working out how to live in God's loving ways through agonising personal circumstances. It's also an account of how the God of love works through faithful people to fulfil His purposes for them, for their nation, and indeed for all humankind.
In this six-session guide, Mark Greene's astute questions, mini-features, and contemporary stories will help you to appreciate the book's drama, wonder afresh at the Lord's grace, and find inspiration and encouragement for all of life, Monday to Sunday.
The fourth in this seven-study series from LICC was developed to enable Christians to read, reflect on, and see the implications of the Bible for themselves and their daily contexts - their frontlines.



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