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Suicidal Christians

  • Author: Nita Tarr
  • Publisher: Stewards
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  • ISBN: 9781782801610
  • Binding: Paperback


This is a tapestry of edge-of-your seat personal stories interwoven with poignant allegory, prayers between God and man and inspired practical advice. It is not only written for the suicidal person but also for anyone suffering addiction, chronic pain, depression, stress, PTSD, relationship difficulties, phobias and fears, difficulties with forgiveness, the aftermath of rape and abuse, demonic oppression, low self-esteem and for heartbroken people everywhere. Its discerning bible-based advice will also help with counselling people who have thoughts of suicide and those who are battling in life.

This powerful book was written by someone who has lived through kidnap, rape, a murder, depression, chronic illness and multiple suicide attempts...after becoming a Christian. With refreshing honesty she lays the depths of her struggles bare in the hopes that others will be helped. This exhilarating, exciting book conclusively deals with topics like forgiveness, love, hope, getting to the root of the problem, feeling trapped, blame, prayer, pride, stress, demons and heaven.

It answers hard questions like: Is suicide a sin? Am I so bad that God cannot possibly forgive me? What is wrong with me? Why has nothing changed since I gave my life to God? Why are my prayers not being answered? Can a Christian be suicidal?

As well as being a valuable resource for councillors and pastors, it is an exhilarating read for all.It speaks to a deep need in our society...

"This is a must read for ANYONE, whether they have/are experiencing suicidal thoughts or not." Pastor Dave Campbell

"This book was an education and a revelation to me; it undoubtedly will be a source of help and encouragement to many others." Reverend Wesley Campbell

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