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The Link-It-Up Bible

  • Author: Bob Hartman
  • Publisher: SPCK Publishing
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • ISBN: 9780281083022
  • Binding: Hardcover


The Link-it-Up Bible is a highly visual and interactive illustrated children's Bible, through which bestselling author and storyteller, Bob Hartman introduces children to the links between their favourite bible stories, drawing attention to wider Bible themes.

Containing over 60 stories, the Link It Up Children's Bible is perfect for families to read to younger children at bedtime or story-time, for schools and Sunday School teaching and for primary school age children beginning to read independently.

The children will love the arrows zipping across the pages, the call out text boxes asking them questions and the line drawn illustrations just begging to be coloured in. Each element brings the story of the Bible to life and shows how everything is connected and reveals God as the author behind it all.

Children will gain new insight into many of the familiar Bible stories enabling them to explore faith in a fresh way and providing new topics to discuss with their close and wider church family and friends.

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