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The Lion Bible in its Time

  • Author: Lois Rock
  • Publisher: Lion Hudson
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  • ISBN: 9780745960159
  • Binding: Hardcover


This book enables young readers to access the great sweep of the Bible by linking its main stories and people to its fascinating and diverse historical and geographical setting. Key to this book are 14 astonishingly detailed reconstructive vistas from the ancient world, picking out salient points in biblical history including the great flood, the people of Israel in Egypt, Jerusalem, Capernaum, and more. These vistas punctuate chapters which further uncover the people, places and events of the Bible, illustrated with carefully referenced narrative pictures and informative maps which continue to unfold the great sweep of biblical events. The result is engaging and accessible to young readers, both browsers and aspiring scholars.


Age Range: 9 - 12 years

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