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Waymaker: Finding the Way to the Life You've Always Dreamed Of


Does it sometimes seem impossible to get where you want to go? Are you single and want to be married? Are you barren and want to have children? Are you in a dead-end job and long for work that makes a difference in the world? Are you losing hope that you will ever get where you want to go?

In The Way Maker Ann encourages us not to pack up hope, but to hold on to hope, because we have a God who will make a way, where there is no way. Weaving the story of Moses and the Israelites on the road to the Red Sea with her own unlikely story of adopting both a little girl from China and a refugee family from Syria, Ann shows how the faithful start walking their own Red Sea road by taking just one step.

Just as Moses was full of doubt about being able to complete the task that the Lord had given him, Ann questions how she will ever fulfil the dream of bringing home Shiloh, the Chinese baby with half a heart she fell in love with after seeing her photo on an iPhone.

How then do we learn how to place our trust in the living God? We take one SACRED step at a time as we practice stillness, adoration, confession, reflection, examination, and doxology.

As Ann takes one step after another, including flying to Iraq at the invitation of an international ministry, she discovers the truth of what her husband, the Farmer, tells her: "You are safer being in the will of God there, than out of his will here." And, as Moses discovers after miraculously crossing the Red Sea, God sometimes calls us to wait "in the wilderness" in order to do a deeper work in us. The Way Maker is moving us forward in the waiting. The Way Maker is building our character.

And against seemingly impossible odds, but through the One who makes a way, the Israelites cross the Jordan, not only does Ann bring Shiloh home to her promised land, but also their sponsored Syrian refugee family comes to live in her small Canadian town. And through it all, Ann discovered that the Way Maker will always make a way, not to where we think we want to go, but a way to Him. And we also discover that more than a way to be made, we want the Way Maker.

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