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What's The Story Kids Teaching Pack

  • Author: What's The Story
  • Publisher: What's The Story?
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ISBN: What's The Story Kids Teaching Pack
  • Binding: Paperback


Ideal for kids outreach events this summer.
What’s in the pack?

  • TEACHING GUIDE Text for six engaging Bible lessons, icebreaker activities, review games and crafts which tie in with what’s being taught each day.
  • DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES Containing PowerPoint® visuals, craft templates and icebreaker resources to complement your teaching guide.
  • PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL Printable invitations, posters and images for social media to help promote your kids’ event.
  • VISUALS In addition to the PowerPoint visuals, the pack contains full-colour flashcards and ‘lesson extras’ for those who prefer using hardcopy visuals with a smaller number of children.
  • ‘WARM UP GAMES’ LANYARD Pocket-sized cards containing 30 fun game ideas for kids—all on a handy lanyard to wear around your neck.
  • ‘QUESTIONS’ CHILDREN’S BOOKLET The booklet, which can be given out at the end of your kids’ event, summarises what the children have been taught and contains puzzles. One booklet comes with each pack and multiple copies can be ordered here.

Publisher: What's The Story? in association with CEF.

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