The Story of Home: God at Work in the Bible's Tales of Home


In The Story of Home, author Caroline Saunders takes the reader through a journey of Old and New Testaments, tracing the theme of home. After the first man and woman leave their perfect garden home, every place since--from Egypt to the Promised Land to Babylon to Jerusalem--does not quite feel the same. God's people build tabernacles and temples to be closer to God, but that homesick feeling remains.

Who will help God's people? Who will make a way home?

Through the wood of the cross and the nails in His hands, God's Son, Jesus, builds the way home! His home is for everyone who is lonely and lost; it's for everyone who longs to live with God. It's the homiest of homes--better than any tabernacle, temple, or garden. No one makes a home like God!

With stunning illustrations and lyrical prose, The Story of Home is sure to captivate young readers with its powerful visuals and a compelling, biblical storyline. This book is a follow-up to the first picture book in the series, The Story of Water: God at Work in the Bible's Watery Tales

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