Colossians & Philemon (Lifebuilder Study Guides)

  • Author: Martha Reapsome
  • Publisher: IVP Books
  • Availability: 1 In Stock
  • ISBN: 9781783598137
  • Binding: Paperback


We all long for more - more wisdom, more maturity, more power, more faith. To fill these needs we attend seminars, go to concerts, hear celebrity speakers and read their latest books. Yet we often come away empty and unfulfilled.

Colossians and Philemon were written to satisfy our longings. They explain the vital importance of finding fulfilment in Christ. The top-selling Lifebuilder Bible Studies have helped millions of people dig deeper into the Bible, individually and in groups.

This revised edition features additional questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, together with expanded leader's notes and an extra 'Now or Later' section in each study.

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