Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples

  • Author: Rick Hill
  • Publisher: Timeless Publishing
  • Availability: 1 In Stock
  • ISBN: 9781838164126
  • Binding: Paperback


In the shifting cultural sands of the West, Christianity is no longer a dominant worldview or an accepted norm. Twenty-first-century Christians find themselves pushed to the edges of contemporary culture, exiled in a strange land.
This sifting has led to some choosing comfort and compromise as their response, laying down their cross for an easier ride. Others unconsciously replace or abandon lifelong spiritual patterns in a way that causes root systems to weaken and faith to crumble. Yet there continue to be those who respond to Jesus call, embrace the cost of discipleship, commit to Christian community and endure challenges that come their way. They face the erosion of Cultural Christianity not with clenched fists but open hands - resilient disciples who develop a long-haul faith by building below the surface on a firm foundation.
Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples offers a roadmap for this kind of intentional discipleship life. It will help you recover ancient paths in a modern world as you are taken on a journey through the life of Jesus through the lens of our contemporary culture. This book will enable you to discover key principles and practices that contribute to a life of lasting faith – one that is grounded in faithful discipleship but also pulsing with life and faith-fueled adventure.

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