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Exodus : Freedom to Serve God


Exodus shows how God delivers his people and makes it possible for him to dwell among them, so they might make him known among the nations. What does it mean to be liberated from slavery to serve God in our everyday contexts today?

Antony Billington's six-session guide, with his astute mini-features, skillful questions, and timely notes, will help you explore how Exodus shapes our understanding of God, how he saves us, and the part we play in his purposes for the world. You'll gain fresh insight into its inspiring implications for all of life, Monday through Sunday.

Session 1: Exodus 3:1-17 - Hearing God's Call
Session 2: Exodus 12:1-13, 29-32 - Experiencing God's Deliverance
Session 3: Exodus 16:1-26 - Trusting God's Provision
Session 4: Exodus 19:1-6 and 20:1-17 - Becoming God's People
Session 5: Exodus 25:1-9 and 31:1-11 - Building God's Dwelling-Place
Session 6: Exodus 32:7-14 and 34:4-7 - Encountering God's Presence

Perfect for on-your-own study or small groups, this is a beautiful, keep-able book, so everyone in your small group can have their own copy to make notes in, reflect further, and go deeper in study. Why not use Exodus as your next small group study?

The Gateway Seven series offers a fresh encounter with God through seven biblical books, each representing a distinctive genre. Together they will deepen your understanding of the whole Bible and open a gateway to insights and implications that will have an impact on you and your life - seven days a week.

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