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Known: Discovering Your Identity and Worth in God


  • A interactive journal for young women
  • Philippa Hannah helps readers find true value
  • Find a worth outside of culture's hollow standards

'Known' is an interactive and creative journal-style resource designed to help young women explore the subject of their identity. The book will lead the reader on a journey, through the key elements of who they are, by focusing on scriptural truth, prayer and creative exercises.

Ever ask yourself the question, 'who am I?' Don't worry, you're not alone. In a world where we can be whoever we choose, it is harder than ever to identify who we really are. Our increasing use of Social Media has resulted in an obsession with appearances. We have become progressively preoccupied with what people think of us and struggle not to compare ourselves with friends and peers. The worst part? We don't even know that what we are looking at is real. When a simple filter can transform a photo, how can we trust our eyes? When an algorithm can decide which political posts we see, how can we even make sense of what is important to us?

With a focus on 'wellness', Known will equip young women to navigate the unique pressures of life in the 2020s. They are facing increased pressure at school, disruption due to recent events and the toll that places on them, the increasing pressures of social media – especially in platforms such as TikTok, family pressures - both those struggling with separation and those trapped in a difficult situation, the impact on hobbies, pastimes, and future hopes due to social and economic pressures.

'Known' Is a journey to healthy self-image, acceptance and full appreciation of our God-given, beautiful identity. In a society that places increasing importance upon likes, follows and shares, we will explore what gives us our true value. In a world full of comments and opinions we will meditate on what God has to say about us and what it means to be truly 'Known' by Him. Every chapter has a variety of simple interactive elements to help the reader creatively explore their beliefs, values, dreams, and individual beauty. Together, we will creatively tackle our 21st century confusions and anxieties by focusing on God's unchanging word. By meditating on the truth, we can begin to remove the unhelpful filters and develop a relationship with the child of God beneath.

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