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My Friends on the Inside

  • Author: Kemi Tijani
  • Publisher: Arise & Flourish
  • Availability: 3 In Stock
  • ISBN: 9781739960902
  • Binding: Paperback



Do you want your child and students to choose healthy food over junk food?
When Alan decides he only wants to eat sweets, treats, and desserts, he goes to bed without dinner. That night, in his dreams, his bones, muscles, and brain teach him the importance of eating healthy if he wants to play and get bigger and stronger.

With valuable lessons like:

  • The whys behind the foods we should be eating vs the foods we should sometimes have as a treat.
  • That eating right is essential for movement—including play
  • Visualise how human biology works
  • That organs need nutrients to function as they should
  • The dangers of short-lived sugar energy
  • The benefits of fruits and vegetables in our diet
  • The importance of a good diet to our bones
  • That our "Friends on the Inside", like our bones and organs, need good food to function well
  • And many practical tips for parents and educators to get the kids on their way to a lasting healthy lifestyle.

The story of Alan teaches young children to make better food choices; they allow to their friends on the inside if they want to grow big and strong.
If teaching your child good eating habits hasn't been easy, this book offers a perfect example for even the pickiest eaters.
Healthy eating habits start young and last a lifetime. Teach your child the importance of eating fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of water with this engaging read!

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