The No Brainer Guide to the End of the World as we know it

  • Author: Tom Mac Guinness
  • Publisher: Sello Impresiones
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ISBN: 9788419345110
  • Binding: Paperback


In Tom Mac Guinness's third book, the author shares his ideas about the end of the world based on his reading of the Bible since 1970. The book focuses on specific prophecies from the book of Daniel, mentions the book of Revelation and events related to the final judgment. The book has a focus on the interpretation of prophecies and their relation to history and the future.

Through his readings, he places us in his primary convictions that the end of the world was near, but soon realized that the circumstances were not appropriate for the necessary conditions to be met.

The author states that for the appearance of the antichrist, certain conditions are required such as the formation of a flexible alliance led by ten countries, the convergence of currencies into a single global currency, technology capable of monitoring the commercial transactions of all people in the world, among others.

In conclusion, the author concludes that, although these conditions do not exist yet, it is important to be prepared for the rapture. The book focuses on the importance of the Bible as a source of wisdom, simple truths, prophecies, inspiration and hope. The author recommends reading the Bible independently and emphasizes how time affects our perception and understanding of prophecies.

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