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For Richer, For Poorer

  • Author: Clare Heath-Whyte
  • Publisher: 10Publishing
  • Availability: 3 In Stock
  • ISBN: 9781912373307
  • Binding: Paperback



  • Looking for inspiration from women past?
  • These six women's stories offer encouragement for women looking to make a difference today
  • You'll find mentors in faith and life, and questions to ask yourself

The nineteenth century saw great innovation and change. The modern world grew and flourished at the hands of great creators and scientists. There were opportunities for Christian men to influence their society and culture for good, and these key figures were often supported and sustained by unsung heroes – their wives.

Inside these pages, you'll read of six women who lived bold, godly, and servant-hearted lives during the nineteenth century. Be challenged by their wholehearted commitment to Christ even under the restrictions of the day. And be encouraged that they too struggled with similar concerns as us – time management, parenting, sickness – and yet sought to live for the glory of Jesus.

Reflection questions at the end of each chapter make this an ideal book to aid your personal growth or to enjoy as part of a book discussion group.

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