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Reformation Reboot!

  • Author: Paul Yeulett
  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
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  • ISBN: 9781783972791
  • Binding: Paperback


Reformation Reboot!: the need of the 21st-century church arises from very careful thought about the need of today's church. Paul Yeulett is unquestionably in favour of the sixteenth-century Reformation, but sees the need for a fresh look at the church now. The pressure of battles over worship and the extent to which various genres of music can be used, debate about the relevance and structure of sermons and their place in the ordinary services of the church--these combine with rapidly changing social attitudes and movements like Extinction Rebellion to demand a response.

In twelve succinct chapters, each followed by questions for discussion, the author searches out the biblical answer to the questions we face today. His final chapter, Reformation and persecution, makes plain the biblical teaching that godly reformation generates persecution. This is his conclusion: And this is a lesson [2 Timothy 1:6-8] that we all need to hear today as fearful and fretful saints, in order to take fresh courage from a God who will require us to undergo persecution, but who will bring us through and make us stronger, in Christ, than we were before, for his sake and for the church's sake. We need to be men and women who live godly lives, and suffering persecution, endure it and strengthen one another. It is all for the glory of God and for our testimony to Jesus Christ.


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