Run4Christ: Malin to Mizen


Ever since becoming a Christian in 2006, Alastair Donaldson has longed to share the good news about Jesus Christ with others. Around the same time, Alastair started to run. He is by no means a very fast athlete but dogged determination has seen him run many half marathons, marathons and, at this point, one 75km ultramarathon. While Alastair has always enjoyed running, he decided it better to bring his love of running and Jesus together. Run4Christ was birthed.

In 2013 Alastair and his team ran around the perimeter of Ireland sharing the good news of Jesus with all those they met. Then in July 2022, Alastair laced up his running shoes once again and ran from the top of the island (Malin Head) to the bottom (Mizen Head). 461 miles in total. This is the account of all God did through Alastair and the Run4Christ team.

May it all be to the glory of God and it is Alastair's sincerest prayer that all those in the book, and those reading, would believe in the one who came into the world to save sinners!

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