The No Brainer Guide to Happiness


Everybody is happy, why? What is happiness? How do we define it?
How can it be measured? Why are some people happy by nature and others seem to live unhappily?
What difference is there between happiness and satisfaction??? Is it all the same or are they different things?

Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is not a state of perfection, it's a project underway.
It's gradual, it's ephemeral like a flower or a flame. It needs to be treated with delicacy and nurtured with care.

In this book, Tom Mac Guinness breaks down the keys that have brought him to a fulfilled and happy life, and along the way he offers us answers which he has obtained during his 65 years of experience.
"Maybe I won't be able to answer all of these questions as you may please, but in these last years I've obtained some of the answers and I would like to share them with you. I am a happy person and I'm blessed with some success, but it's not always been like this, it took me some time to learn the keys to happiness, understanding the formula and the techniques."

There are multiple different techniques, but there are some norms and principals which are constant and can be applied to every scope.
In this book, I want to focus on these principals.
That's the main reason is just a guide… The No Brainer’s Guide

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